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Presentation Sword – Rochester Police Department 200th Anniversary edition
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Presentation Sword – Rochester Police Department 200th Anniversary edition


This item is a special order for Rochester Police Department members, former and current.  The order process will be open from Monday, April 29 to Thursday, June 20, 2019.

A deposit of $275.00 is required to confirm an order and a minimum of 50 orders is required to initiate production.  The final unit price will depend on the total quantity ordered for production.  All pricing is in CANADIAN dollars.

Please contact the Rochester Police by email ([email protected]) to obtain more information regarding pricing, or to obtain a copy of the order form and engraving template.


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Personalized laser engraving on reverse *

Font Type *

Dimensions: 720 x 25 x 5mmo
Specifications: forged stainless steel blade; hardened to ca 48-52° HRC Rockwell, well-tempered and hand-polished
Acid etched with neutral pattern

Cast brass, hand-polished, 24k gold-plated


This Windsor model presentation sword has been customized for the Rochester Police Department.  The blade etching pattern was designed in honour of the Department's 200th Anniversary and is represented in fine detail.  The years "1819" and "2019" are laser engraved on the arms of the crosspiece and a gold plated miniature replica cap badge is affixed to the center shield.  All swords will be serial numbered on the reverse.

To personalize the sword, members can request an inscription for laser engraving on the reverse side of the blade.  Please remember to select your preferred font type.  A digital layout will be provided for final approval of spelling and placement before the engraving work is done.

We are pleased to offer the option of ordering a display board or case for your sword.  See below and click on the image to read more about the product.  The pricing shown is our regular retail price.  A volume discount will be applied if a minimum of 10 boards or 10 cases are also ordered in conjunction with swords.