Our company continues the tradition of high quality production in our line of contemporary Canadian Armed Forces medals, bars (clasps) and undress ribbon devices. Our full size and miniature replicas are identical to their original counterparts in all aspects of the design and have been reviewed by the DND Directorate of Honours and Recognition.

Truly a feature product, our medals, bars and devices are specifically requested by medal mounters and Regimental kit shops, at home and abroad. Please note that we do not stock ribbon. A limited selection of ribbon patterns is listed as an option with certain medals.  Otherwise, they are available from a medal mounter.  Please visit this link local medal mounters to see Canadian companies in your area that carry stock of our products.

Please note there is a $30 minimum order value (shipping and taxes not included).

Not sure what you need? Visit the DND Honours and Awards Chart for more details.

While anyone may purchase these full size and miniature replica medals, bars, and devices, please take note that they may only be worn by the lawful recipient of the honour.


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